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Kite Flying Festival Gujarat (Uttarayan / Makar Sakranti)

I can proudly say that Ahmedabad could be the Kite Capital of the world. There is no other place on earth where...

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Kite Flying Festival (Uttarayan / Makar Sakranti Festival)



I can proudly say that Ahmedabad could be the Kite Capital of the world. There is no other place on earth where kites are flown with amazingly contagious passion and excitement. You can see millions of kites across the sky and almost whole city is on roof-tops on this day. The idea is to cut someone’s kite and as you do so, you proclaim your victory by shouting with joy, yelling & screaming at the top of your voice. Then there is music, lots of food & dancing…..all on the roof tops.


Although the Kite Festival is celebrated all over Gujarat, it is the most exciting in the old city of Ahmedabad. The night before is electric with brisk business in buying and selling kites, in amazingly numerous bulk purchases. The Patang Bazaar (kite market), situated in the heart of Ahmedabad city, is open 24 hours a day during the Uttarayan week. A visit to the Bazaar in the middle of the night proves beyond all doubt that the entire population of the city is obsessed with kites and they crowd the streets and buy the stocks while negotiating and enjoying through the night. Uttarayan is the time to indulge in ceaseless amazement - in the most pulse racing kite competitions. There are kites and more kites, in all shapes and designs, but some stand out for their sheer size and novelty.

Gujarat celebrates more than 100 festivals every year ! Among these, the festival of Uttarayan is one of the grandest and stands tall. In Gujarat, Uttarayan is a holiday when every family can be met outdoors. People of all ages fly kites from dawn to dusk. Crowded rooftops, fun-loving rivalry to outdo each other in kite flying skills and delicious traditional Gujarati feast are the hallmarks of the day.

Uttarayan (known as Makar Sakranti in many parts of India) is the day when the sun starts to travel northwards marking the decline of winter. The days become longer, the skies clearer and the breeze cooler. A feeling of anticipation, joy and jubilation grips all who celebrate the occasion of thanksgiving and merry-making. Interestingly, this is the only festival celebrated as per the western calendar.

The fascination and the revelry associated with the kite flying cuts across age groups, class and communities. Although, Uttarayan is predominantly a Hindu festival marking the awakening of the gods from their deep slumber, history has it that India developed a rich tradition of kite flying due to the patronage of the Kings and 'Nawabs' who found the sport both entertaining and a way of displaying their prowess. Trained fliers were employed to fly kites for kings. Slowly, the art started becoming popular amongst the masses. Today, manufacturing of kites is a serious business. It attracts big names of the corporate world as kites provide for the most cost-effective opportunity for branding. The stakes are high and prizes for the competition grand.

Months before the festival of Uttarayan, homes in the localities of various cities in Gujarat turn into kite producing factories with all family members doing their bit in the seasonal cottage business. The paper and sticks are cut, the glue is stirred and thousands of kites are prepared in the market. The string is coated with a special glass powder and rice paste, all set to cut each other's strings and knock down the kites. The size of the kite ranges from nine inches to three feet.

Members of various communities irrespective of cast and creed are engaged in the business of kites. Rich or poor, people enjoy this festival in their own ways. The aerodynamic skill, devotion and ingenuity that goes into the kite making and flying is almost a religion in itself, honed to the level of an art form, though it looks deceptively simple.


Ahmedabad is also a host city to International Kite Festival every year.

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No. of Days : 01 (14 0r 15 January 2015)
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